Too Gay to Function

I probably have a crush on you js


when you looking bomb as hell and your plans get cancelled because of the weather


Anonymous asked: Promp about the girls walking in on a hot emison make out session and then hanna saying it was hot or something like that


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So apparently Sasha’s doing a ustream tonight and I’m going to have to work which is fine because I need $$$ but somebody please, please record it for the love of God.

Take Care


Prompt: Alison is sick and Emily looks after her (with a little help from Mrs Fields).

The ringing of her phone is what wakes her up, and she groans because it’s so loud and she feels like shit and with each second that ticks by with the incessant ringing it feels like she’s having a sledgehammer smashed into her skull and where the hell is the damn thing?

When she finds it she doesn’t bother checking the caller ID, just burrows her head back under her pillow because the light coming from her window hurts her eyes, and presses the phone to her ear and makes a non-committal noise so that whoever’s on the other end knows that she’s actually answered.

“Ali?” Emily’s voice echoes down the line, and despite the fact that Alison’s head feels like it’s going to explode and her stomach is in knots, the sound of Emily’s voice still makes her smile. “Are you okay? Why weren’t you in school today?”

“I’m sick,” she mumbles back, and she wonders what time it is. She’d woken up that morning feeling like she did now and had promptly rolled back over and gone back to sleep because there was no way in hell that she could leave the house like this.

“You’re sick? Is your dad there?”

“No,” she replies with a bitter laugh, because he’s never there. “That would mean that he’d have to actually look me in the eye for more than two seconds. I’m on my own.”

“Then I’m coming over.”

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Oh my fucking God woman I can’t even deal with you right now. You just keep writing these and I can’t stop reading them. So many feels.

Anonymous asked: If you can, can you do a fanfic (it doesn't have to be long) about emison where Ali tells em she loves her then em says it back so Ali starts genuinely crying into em's embrace bc she's never been taught how to love or be loved? I feel like you are the only writer I trust who can make it special. Your fanfics are masterpieces.


“I love you.” It’s the first time she’s ever said it to anyone ever, the first time she’s ever allowed herself to ever feel like she could really, truly, mean it – and she’s only brave enough to say it under the cover of darkness, when Emily’s curled up fast asleep beside her.

Except apparently she’s not asleep, because there’s a shift on Alison’s left, and then Emily’s turning towards her and her eyes are open, and they’re dark and guarded, and Alison can’t read her and she’s terrified, paralyzed, because it was one thing to say it out loud, to admit it to herself, finally, but to tell someone else that? To tell someone else how you felt with no idea of what they’d say back?

How on earth did people do this every day?

“I love you.” She says it again, because it’s too late to take it back now, and she couldn’t bear it if Emily thought… that she hadn’t meant it, that this was all just a joke to her, because she does love her, she always had she just never knew it (couldn’t accept it), she loves her with everything she has, every cell in her body, and it’s all-consuming and sometimes she can’t think of anything else and it drives her crazy but she can’t get enough of it because she just loves her.

“I love you, too,” Emily replies quietly, and it’s the first time she’s ever said it, the first time Alison’s ever heard it, because even though she knew, how the brunette felt, back then, she’d never admitted it, never heard Emily say it. “I’ve always loved you.”

She doesn’t know how Emily can, with all the things she’s done – she’s lied to her and she’s hurt her and she’s destroyed her, more than once, and she’s not a good person, not like Emily is – and she doesn’t understand how Emily can still want her, can love someone like her, and it’s just too much and she feels the hot sting of tears behind her eyes before she can stop them.

“I don’t deserve you,” she says, and her throat feels tight, and she wipes hastily at the tears that do fall with the back of her hand even as Emily reaches for her, pulling into the warm circle of her arms, and Alison just closes her eyes, burying her face in the side of the brunette’s neck and breathing her in.

“But you have me. And that’s the only thing that matters.” 

Anonymous asked: Could you do a mini Emison fic where the girls have finished PE and once they all come out of the showers Emily's ready but Ali's not and Emily ends up seeing too much... If you know what I mean ;)


Under the cut just in-case.

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it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine

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I can’t even deal with Tuesday nights anymore Pretty Little Liars and Chasing Life on at the same time god so many lesbians everywhere I look there’s lesbians

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